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As an audio and visual podcast, our team is dedicated to delivering a captivating and immersive experience. We combine the power of audio storytelling with visually compelling elements to engage our community. Through consistent high-quality content, we aim to inform, inspire, and connect with our listeners. By actively involving our community, we create a space where diverse perspectives are shared, fostering a sense of belonging. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of our audio and visual podcast, amplifying voices and making meaningful connections that leave a lasting impact.

Xavier Mercado

President - CEO / Host - Creator

Xavier Ruben Mercado is a multifaceted individual based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has made a significant impact as a podcast host and advocate for change. Born in the South Bronx, Xavier’s family quickly moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin when he was only 6 months. Raised on the south side of Milwaukee until the age of 7, Xavier’s early years were shaped by the challenges of an urban environment. The city of South Milwaukee would eventually become a foundation and home.

Xavier has overcome adversity and has embarked on a transformative journey of healing and growth. Xavier’s decision to choose sobriety at the age of 32 was life-altering. He broke free from Alcoholism, rediscovered his purpose, and focused on personal development. Devoted to his family, he became a loving husband and father, nurturing their dreams while instilling values of resilience and compassion.

Motivated by his own journey, Xavier expanded his knowledge in personal development, financial literacy, and community building. All this including sobriety fueled Xavier to found Spearhead Conversations, a podcast platform that shares insights and amplifies the voices of those making a difference in Milwaukee and Southeast, Wisconsin. Through engaging shows and diversity, Xavier explores topics of personal growth, community empowerment, and the journey to success.

Since its launch August 4, 2022 Spearhead Conversations has become a beacon of unity, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding in the community. Xavier’s passion for uplifting others and creating a better future continues to drive his impactful work.

Steven Van Plew

Video Editor

Steve Van Plew is a born and raised Milwaukee Wisconsinite and earned his degree in Television & Video production from Milwaukee Area Technical College. A year later he attended a fast paced and strict educational program at Video Symphony in Burbank California specializing in Film and TV Editing.

Steve’s journey began immediately after finishing school and was brought on as a union Television Engineer for the largest PBS station on the west coast, KCET Television. He advanced his skillset and moved on to various companies to work with many Los Angeles Film Studios and TV Networks such as: Warner Bros Studios, FOX Studios, Discovery, Bravo, TLC, MTV, HISTORY, ABC, NBC, UFC, Netflix, Amazon Prime Studios and HULU.

Today, Steve is an AVID Technician and also runs his own leather crafting business. He enjoys the process of making items and editing the Spearhead Conversations Podcast. Steve takes pride in editing and color correcting all of the promo videos and episodes for Spearhead Conversations.

Xavier and Steve were toddlers and became childhood friends and close like family. It is with great pleasure that he can use his training and experience to help grow the Spearhead platform alongside a trusted partner.

Nick Koscielniak


Born and raised in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nick Koscielniak has always called Wisconsin his home. He, is a highly skilled professional in the field of video production. He began his educational journey at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and later obtained his degree in TV & Video production from MATC. With a keen eye and attention to detail, Nick has excelled in various roles throughout his career.

Nick’s professional journey started with working on a news helicopter, honing his skills in video production. He then transitioned to Rockwell Automation, where he quickly rose to become the lead webcast producer among his other responsibilities. In addition, he has served as a Game PA and shooter for Bally Sports, covering the Bucks and Brewers further expanding his expertise in the field.

As the owner of NK Video Productions LLC, Nick Koscielniak is dedicated to delivering high-quality video content. His technical knowledge and ability to find unique shots set him apart in the industry. Nick’s passion for video production extends beyond his professional life. While being a devoted stay-at-home dad to his daughter Sydney, he also indulges in photography, 3D printing, hiking, traveling, and making memories with his family.

He continues to contribute to the video production community, including as Director of Photography for Spearhead Conversations and hopes to continue to inspire others and make an impact with his work.  

natalie Jansen

director of community engagement and execution

Natalie, a dynamic and versatile personality, hails from the vibrant city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a rich professional dance background spanning fifteen years, she twirled her way through the world of dance as a dedicated member of two esteemed dance companies. Her passion for movement and expression shaped her artistic journey, paving the way for a unique career trajectory.   The radio waves beckoned Natalie, and she found herself at the heart of the music scene as a prominent figure at 102.9 The Hog. Here, she immersed herself in the world of exclusive artist interviews, electrifying concert announcements, and engaging community events, establishing herself as a voice that resonated with listeners.   Recently, her journey took an exciting turn when she seized a new opportunity as a morning show host with 101 WIXX in Green Bay, bringing her charisma and enthusiasm to a fresh audience.   Natalie’s creativity knows no bounds, extending beyond the airwaves. Her love for crafting compelling narratives led her to dive into the world of dance videos, artist concept videos, and innovative social media content. Always ready to embrace new challenges, Natalie has recently joined the Spearhead Conversations team as the Director of Community Engagement and Execution, where she is excited to contribute to building a brand that not only engages with the community but also fosters a space for boundless creativity. With her diverse background and infectious passion, Natalie is set to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

Omar Lozano

Promotional Ambassador

Omar Lozano, a talented videographer, was born and raised in the vibrant south side of Milwaukee. His journey into the world of video production began four years ago, when he delved into this captivating art form as a self-taught enthusiast. Since then, Omar has dedicated himself to honing his skills and mastering the craft.

One of the highlights of Omar’s videography career was the opportunity to collaborate with renowned filmmaker Steven Philip aka Phillyflyboy Jason Abraham of Hupy and Abraham. This experience allowed Omar to showcase his talent and creativity, In addition he has also collaborated with Ray Moore and numerous other Milwaukee natives, capturing their stories and vision through his lens.

Omar’s passion for video extends beyond the boundaries of Milwaukee. He actively collaborates with local talents in Milwaukee and its surrounding areas, but his reach has expanded far beyond that. His work has taken him to places like Tennessee, California, and North Carolina, where he has captured the essence and beauty of diverse landscapes and communities. Video remains Omar’s true passion, and he continuously strives to improve his craft, always seeking to push the boundaries of his creativity.

With each project, Omar brings a unique perspective and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His dedication to his art and his ability to capture moments and tell stories through video make him a sought-after videographer, both locally and beyond. As he continues on his journey, Omar Lozano is poised to make an indelible mark in the world of videography, leaving a lasting impact on those who have the pleasure of experiencing his captivating work.

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